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Licence management

In order to participate to our affiliate program and to start earning money, you will need an account first. Each new registered user will get an unique referral URL

Referral URL

Inside your account you will find the two main sections: Licences and Affiliate. Under Affiliate section you will find the referral key and the referral URL

What you need to do

Share referral URL to multiple persons, friends and distribute your affiliate link to different platforms (forums, blogs, social networks and so on). Each time when someone will access our website through your affiliate URL, a cookie will be created in their browsers with your referral key (the cookie is available for 5 days).

Earn money

You earn 50% of each purchase made by users you referred. On a single purchase you will earn between $22.5 and $124.5 (with the actual prices of our plugin). Also, for each 25 products purchased through your referral key you will get a bonus of $50 Moreover, the easiest way to get some extra money is to bring visitors to our website. $0.01 for each visit and $0.1 for each unique visit.

Become a partner

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What you should also know

All the stats about your payments, licences referred and bonuses can be found in your account. Payments will be processed in 7-15 working days using bank transfer, PayPal, Stripe or Revolut We reserve the right to ban any user who fraudulently tries to ask for or make money using our referral program. We care about honesty and demand the same from our users We kindly suggest you to ask or demand any information using the Contact page